V.M. Valceschini Minuterie Srl
Production of Precision Metal Parts
Established as a sole proprietorship in 1986 at Brembilla, north of Bergamo, the company, V.M. Valceschini Minuterie Srl, manufactures ultra-precision turned metal parts, having acquired skills consolidated through perseverance, team work and continuous improvement to become an important player in the industry, thanks to the high quality of our finished products. V.M. is an ISO 9001 certified company.
Our Timeline
Specialists in the sector for over 35 years
Specialists in the sector for over 35 years 1986 The sole-owner, Marco Valceschini, founded V.M. in a garage and with only two manual cam lathes.
1995 Computer numerical control (CNC) lathe purchased.
1997 V.M. received the coveted "Civiltŕ del Lavoro" award.
1999 The UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification is awarded.
2000 All business processes digitally managed with the introduction of integrated software with production and procurement phase tracking.
2001 Updating of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification.
2002 Acquisition of a second production unit resulting in increased production capacity; first exports to the USA and Germany begin.
2003 Two further CNC lathes acquired.
2004 Further expansion of machinery with a total of 10 lathes (6 Cam and 4 CNC).
2007 Production begins for the automotive, aerospace and dental sectors.
2014 Quality Control department expanded with the purchase of optical scanning machines and measurement statistics reporting.
2015 Production space increased by merging two workshop units at nearby Laxolo.
2016 Collaboration begins with leading companies in various sectors. V.M. today has a fleet of 12 CNC lathes and 3 cam lathes, a state-of-the-art quality control department and a department dedicated to product washing, packing and shipping.
Quality and Innovation
We produce small precision machined metal parts from 2 mm to 32 mm in diameter, using a wide range of metal alloys including the most resistant ones, and we provide a product tracking and reporting service from order placement to delivery as well as for the raw materials.
V.M. uses the latest generation of CNC lathes supported by the quality control department′s tracking process by way of the company′s management system, using specialist machines for taking precise measurements.
Our technical office is tasked with evaluating each project and its feasibility in complete cooperation with our customers′ specific requirements
Using bar stock from 3 to 32 mm, our production department is equipped with the latest generation of CNC lathes with 4 to 6 axes of motion, suitable for producing two simultaneous operations including transversal and inclined milling and drilling for high volume productivity. The department is equipped with traditional engine cam lathes particularly suitable for medium/large production volumes. Our products are manufactured using a wide range of materials including stainless steel, high-speed steels (HSS), brass, copper, bronze, aluminium and its alloys, titanium, PVC and nylon. Before moving onto production, every detail is subject to process-control metrics, pre-control processes and capability studies carried out by our technical office, in compliance with our customers’ exacting requirements.
Quality Control
ISO certified since 2001, V.M. operates under standards according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The initial milling process undergoes strict quality controls, and further analysis in a controlled temperature environment is carried out using optical, camera and contact scanning machines with measurement reports captured by software applications. All these steps are managed by a system which guarantees complete tracking of the information and statistical analysis.
V.M. makes use of an integrated management system that follows the product from the start, overseeing the collection and storage of information in every phase of the manufacturing process, from receipt of the raw materials to shipment to the customer.
Knowledge and experience at your service
V.M. takes pride in customer satisfaction, maintaining high quality standards in both the manufacturing process and the choice of raw materials used. Our customers can rely on us for constant assistance throughout. We provide small part production machining services for specific requests together with qualified advice in the planning stage. To complete the service, we are committed to respecting agreed delivery times and to using recycled materials for product packaging.
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